Dick Hinch

There’s only one way to describe the Dick Hinch New Hampshire has grown to love: “Party Animal.” He’s not like some Dicks we know who just hang around, waiting for something to happen. This Dick is always up for a good time...just check out his Facebook page, if you can, because like every public figure it’s set to private. As we always say, what happens on Facebook stays on Facebook! But since the general public can’t see his Facebook postings, I’m sure Dick boned up on the intertubes and he had his campaign manager and treasurer set up a great website at www.dickhinch.com !

Either way, there are some things we can learn about Dick from what’s visible to us commoners on Facebook. For instance, he’s a hardcore music fan. In fact, his favorite band is called the Scott Spradling Band.

Isn’t it nice to hear about a politician who has hobbies that rise above the usual sewer of politicians and lobbyists and activists and...oh, wait, who’s Scott Spradling? A lobbyist, you say ? For casinos ? Weird. Well, we say, “So what if Dick’s favorite band is fronted by a lobbyist?! Who doesn’t have a favorite band fronted by a lobbyist for gamblers ?”

Of course, once he gets grooving in the casino to some hot lobbyist tunes, Dick wants the party to last all night.

That’s why Dick always stands at attention for “$5,000 Event Sponsor” and Viagra maker Pfizer.

Pfizer’s been enthusiastically thrusting thousands of dollars into Dick’s engorged party fund, the Committee to Elect House Republicans ,for years. That $5,000 donation was just a drop in the bucket. It’s really touching to see how Dick and Pfizer work hard together to make a loving relationship last .

But not too loving! Dick Hinch probably thinks the big problem in America today is parents who are too involvedin their children’s lives...that’s why he voted against the bipartisan Family Leave Act . Fortunately, since that bill passed without him and was signed into law by a Republican governor.

But Dick won’t let anything get in the way of a crazy party, especially when that crazy party is the GOP. Dick is always beating off attempts to excite his compassion and basic decency...he his hardline vote for the drug companies and insurance industry and refuses to be distracted by the plight of families with autistic children , working people who buy health insurance through Medicaid , anybody with pre-existing conditions , anybody who needs access to birth control , victims of domestic violence or basically anyone who doesn’t front a cool band.

And now that he wants to be Speaker of the New Hampshire House , you can rest assured that Dick will make sure only the right people are invited to the party. Like lobbyists with lots of casino cash , drug companies ,and people who hate spending time with their kids .

Dick Hinch: In touch with the insiders—out of touch with everybody else.

So when you wake up on November 6th, ask yourself whether you’re one of the insiders (pictured above), and if you don’t see yourself sitting at that table—make sure you vote!